Petition Z-23

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Edens & Avant Financing II Limited Partnership, 803-779-4420, represented by John Moore of Moore, Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP, 770-449-1499, requests a Rezoning from NS to CRC for Retail, Fueling Center, & Restaurant Drive-thru.

Located at the southwest side of Shallowfod Road and west side of Sandy Plains Road; east of Gordy Parkway, District 16, Land Lots 385,386 & 407, Parcel 8.

Size of tract is: 15.73 acres

Current zoning:  NS

Contiguous zoning is:  North: GC; East: R-20; West: PDR; South: O & I

Future Land Use: Community Activity Center

Case Manager: David Hong, Norm DeWalt, Lee Berg

Planning Commissioner: Christi Trombetti

District Commissioner: JoAnn Birrell

Proposed Use: Retail, Fueling Center, and Restaurant with drive-thru.

Staff Comments:

Please click for Preliminary Zoning Analysis

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Staff recommends: Approval with stipulations

ECCA recommends: No action subject to the following additional stipulations:

  1. Relocation of the sidewalk and handicap ramp to the corner of the Chick-fil-A restaurant;
  2. Stipulating that the kiosk in the fueling center will be for auto supply related sales only;
  3. The restroom in the kiosk is not for public use; and
  4. The Architectural Control committee remains in effect for this property.

In addition we support any comments made by NECC and NECHG

Planning Commissioners Action: Approved 5-0 with additional stipulations:

  1. All staff recommendations and comments
  2. Architectural Control Committee remain in tact
  3. No vehicles for advertising purposes
  4. Pedestrian enhancements to get into shopping center
  5. Pump stations to be limited to 5
  6. No sidewalks on Gordy Parkway

Board of Commissioners Action: Approved 4-1 with additional stipulations:

  1. Stipulation letter dated July 13, 2011 from John Moore;
  2. All Planning Commission comments;
  3. Relocation of sidewalk and handicap ramp;
  4. Remove six parking spots by drive-thru;
  5. Sale of Automobile related products only in kiosk and bathroom not for   public use; and
  6. Encourage communication with North Hampton and other businesses about street lights.