Petition Z-26

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Sonia Torretto, 678-571-3207, requests a Rezoning from CF to LRO for Professional Office.

Located at the south side of Cloverdale Drive and west of Lott Avenue, District 16, Land Lot 1241, Parcel 40.

Size of tract is: .25 acres

Current zoning:  CF

Contiguous zoning is:  North: CF; East: O & I; West: CF; South: City of Marietta

Future Land Use: Community Activity Center

Case Manager: Roger Phelps

Planning Commissioner: Mike Terry

District Commissioner: Bob Ott

Proposed Use: Professional Office

Staff Comments:

Please click for Preliminary Zoning Analysis

Please click for Final Zoning Analysis

Staff recommends: Approval

ECCA recommends: Approval. Support staff comments

Planning Commissioners Action: Approval 5-0 subject to no parking in the street, use changes or redevelopment must meet all county standards, hours in the application, minor modifications approved by the district commissioner, site plan, hours in the application, staff comments and recommendations.

Board of Commissioners Action: Approval 5-0 subject to staff comments and recommendations and Planning Commission recommendations.