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Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church, 770/971-2880, represented by James M. Ney, Holt Ney Zatcoff & Wasserman, LLP, 770/956-9600 requests an amendment to the current SLUP for Mt. Bethel Christian Academy to add a pre-K to their program. No additional increase in the number of students attending the school.

Located on the north side of Lower Roswell Road (4385 Lower Roswell Road and the east side of Fairfield Drive, District 16, Land Lots 1045 and 1116, Parcel 3

Current zoning: R-20

Contiguous zoning is:  North: R-20 (Indian Hills Subdivision); East: R-15 w/stipulations (Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church); South: R-20 (East Cobb Government Center); West: R-20 (Indian Hills Subdivision).

Current Land Use: Rural Residential

Case Manager: Jill Flamm

District Commissioner: Bob Ott

Amendment: To allow the addition of a pre-k program to Mt. Bethel Christian Academy

Staff Comments:

Please click for Final Zoning Analysis

ECCA recommends: No Action

Board of Commissioners Action:  Approved 4-0.