Petition LUP-2, 2009

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Nick Economos. 770-394-5475, representing himself, requests to be allowed to have more than two unrelated people to occupy a dwelling unit.
Property is located on the northwest intersection of Oakrill Road and Oakrill Court (2561 Oakrill Road, Cedar Forks subdivision); 16th District, Land Lot 697, Parcel 16.
Size of tract is 0.33 acres
Current zoning: R-15
Contiguous zoning is: North: RM-15 (Cedar Forks subdivision); East: RM-15 (Cedar Forks subdivision); South: RM-15 (Cedar Forks subdivision); West RM-15 (Cedar Forks subdivision).
Current land use is Low Density Residential.
Case manager is Tanya Roberts
Planning Commissioner is Christi Trombetti
District Commissioner is Tim Lee
Proposed use: More than two unrelated people to occupy a dwelling unit.
Staff Comments:
Please click for Final Zoning Analysis
Staff recommends Applicant has requested to WITHDRAW the application without prejudice.
ECCA position: OPPOSE, this is an unsuitable use in a residential district.
Planning Commission Recommendation: WITHDRAWN without prejudice.
Board of Commissioners Action:  Not available yet