Petition LUP-20

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Sandra D. Boshak, 678-591-9093, representing herself, requests a Land Use Permit for Child Counseling Business.

Located at the southeasterly intersection of Ebenezer Road and Beaver Shop, District 16, Landlot 484, Parcel 13.

Size of Tract is 0.41 acres

Current Zoning: R-20

Contiguous zoning is:  North: R-15 (Princeton Pointe ); East: R-15 (Princeton Pointe);  South: R-20 (Princeton Pointe ); West: R-20 (Russell Plantation Estates ); R-15 (Kerry Creek);

Future Land Use:  Low Density Residential

Case Manager:  Jill Flamm

Planning Commissioner: Christi Trombetti

District Commissioner:  Thea Powell

Proposed Use: Child Counseling Service

Staff Comments:

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Board of Commissioners Action:  Denied 4-0 and given 30 days to relocate.

 Staff Recommends: Denial

ECCA recommends:  Oppose.  A land use permit is for a piece of property to be temporarily used for a non conforming business.  There is nothing temporary about this business, they moved their established practice to this location and have been operating here prior to this LUP. This is an established business and should not be allowed to operate out of a residential area.  This is the second time we have heard this case this year (see LUP-8). We recommend denial, this sets a very bad precedent of allowing continuous LUP’s on a piece of property.

Planning Commissioners Action:  Denied 5-0 and given 6 months to relocate.