Petition SLUP-6

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T-Mobile, 404-226-8915, represented by Kimberly J. Adams, 404-226-8915, requests a Special Land Use Permit for a 130 foot tall Telecommunications Tower.

Property is located on the southeasterly side of Roswell Road, south of Shady Hill Road (4616 Roswell Road, East Cobb Presbyterian Church, Inc.); 1st District, Land Lot 17, Parcel 9.

Size of tract is 8.15 acres
Current zoning is R-80
Contiguous zoning is:  North: R-80, PRD (Easthampton);  East: R-20 (Shady Hill);   South: R 20 (multi-acre single home);  West: PRD (Easthampton).
Current land use is Public Institutional.
Case manager is Marvin Shams
Planning Commissioner is Tom McKleskey
District Commissioner is Joe Thompson

Proposed use:  130 foot Telecommunications Tower

Staff Comments:
Preliminary Zoning Analysis is here
Final Zoning Analysis is here

Staff recommends:  None

ECCA position:  Oppose. Surrounded by residential.

Planning Commission Recommendation (unofficial):  Withdrawn without prejudice

Board of Commissioners Action (unofficial):  Withdrawn without prejudice