Petition SLUP-9

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James T. Haley, 770/426-7302, represented by Garvis L. Sams, Jr. of Sams, Larkin & Huff, 770/422-7016, requests a Special Land Use Permit for Wood Products Processing Business.

Property is located at the northeast intersection of Canton Road and Fowler Circle and at the southwestern end of Lee Water Road, south of Jamerson Road, District 16, Land Lots 131 & 132, Parcels 2 & 9.

Size of Tract is 7.32 Acres.

Current Zoning: GC, LI, HI

Contiguous zoning is:  North: HI & CRC; East: HI; South: HI & R-20; West: GC

Current Land Use: Industrial Compatible

Case Manager: Don Farrell
Planning Commissioner: Christi Trombetti
District Commissioner: Tim Lee

Proposed Use: Wood Products processing

Staff Comments:

Please click for Preliminary Zoning Analysis

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Staff recommends: Approval

ECCA recommends: No Action

Planning Commissioners Action: Continued until August meeting

Planning Commissioners Action (Aug): Continued until September meeting

Planning Commissioners Action (Sept): Deny 5-0

Board of Commissioners Action:  Deny 5-0