Petition V-50

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Bay Breeze Seafood, 770-485-9916, represented by Steve Constantinou, requests to (1) waive the maximum height of a free stand from 20 feet to 21 feet (existing); and (2) waive the maximum sign area from 300 square feet to 328 square feet (existing).

Property is located on the east side of Canton Road, north of Hiawassee Drive, (2418 Canton Road); District 16, Land Lot 637, Parcels 50,16

Size of tract is 2.2 acres

Current zoning: NRC

Contiguous zoning is:  North: GC; East: CF, R-20; South: GC; West: GC

Current Land Use: Neighborhood Activity Center

Case Manager is Tanya Roberts / Jill Flamm

Zoning Appeals and Variances Commissioner is Christi Trombetti

Reason:  Height and area of the existing sign not in compliance

Staff Comments:

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ECCA position:  No Action

Board of Zoning Appeals and Variances Action (July): Continued.  Applicant now represented by Parks Huff of Sams, Larkin & Huff

Board of Zoning Appeals and Variances Action (Aug): Approved 5-0 subject to stipulation letter