Petition V-61

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Eyal Postelnik. 770-431-3430, represented by Warren Sirzyk,404-867-9008 requests to waive maximum impervious surface from 35% to 38.5%.

Property is south side of Winged Foot Circle, east of Atlanta country Club Drive (4486 Winged Foot Circle); 17th District, Land Lot 1100, Parcel 15.

Size of tract is 0.805 acres

Current zoning: R-30

Contiguous zoning is:  North: R-30 (The Columns Subdivision); East: R-30 (The Columns Subdivision); South: R-30 (The Columns Subdivision); West: R-30 (The Columns Subdivision).

Current land use is Low Density Residential

Case manager is Mike Gerrits
Zoning Appeals Commissioner is Kim Swanson

Reason:  Exceeded Impervious Surface and Wants to Put in Driveway

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ECCA position: Oppose.  Credit was given for the installation of a cistern and pervious pavers. However, the process by which the amount of credit was determined is unknown.  This sets a precedent for future cases involving impervious surface.

Board of Zoning Appeals Action:  Approve 4-0 subject to the following stipulations:

1) Only the Belgard pavers are to be used and kept in their natural state, any changes must come back to the Board of Zoning Appeals;

2) This is granted for a one time only variance; and

3) Stormwater Management is to meet with Community Development Director to see about a code change with regard to a credit to be given in the impervious surface allowance for the use of this system.