Petition V-84

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Barbara L. Farrell, 404-338-7304, representing herself, request the waiver of the front setback on lot 5 from the required 35 feet to 30 feet.
Property is located on the south side of Canton Chase Drive, west of Old Canton Road (2942 Canton Chase Drive, Olde Canton Chase subdivision); 16th District, Land Lot 818, Parcel 30.
Size of tract is 0.395 acres.
Present zoning is R-15
Contiguous zoning is:
North: R-20 (Olde Canton Chase);
East: R-20 (Olde Canton Chase);
South: PRD (Creekshire);
West: R-20 (Olde Canton Chase).
Land use category: Low Density Residential
Case manager is Mark McClellan
BZA board member is Christi Trombetti
Reason: Subject property is built with a small entrance area on the building line. Applicant wishes to extend entrance area 4 feet from current location to permit better access to the house and to permit potential handicapped access. Will also be expanding 4-5 feet along the house line.
Staff Comments: 
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ECCA position:  . .No Action
Maximum impervious surface % allowed: 35% /
Maximum impervious surface % planned: ?? % /
BZA Action (unofficial): APPROVE subject to:
  • Development and Inspections comments
  • Approval only for improvements shown on the site plan