Petition Z-22

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Madison Hills, LLC, 404/952-7047, represented by Margaret Stagmier, 404-949-0180, requests a rezoning from CF, OI, to RM-12 for Apartments.

Located on the south side of Delk Road, and West of Bentley Road, District 17, Landlots 799, 857, Parcel 3.

Size of Tract is 18.979 acres

Current Zoning: CF, OI

Contiguous zoning is:  North: City of Marietta (North Chase Office Park); East: City of Marietta; South: RM- 12; West: City of Marietta

Future Land Use:  High Density Residential

Case Manager:  Eric Jacobsen

Planning Commissioner: Mike Terry

District Commissioner:   Bob Ott

Proposed Use: Apartments

Staff Comments:

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Staff Recommends: Approval

ECCA recommends:  No Action

Planning Commissioners Action (Aug):  Continued for 30 days by applicant

Planning Commisioners Action (Sep): Approved 5-0

Board of Commissioners Action (Sept):  Hold for 30 days 5-0

Board of Commissioners Action (Oct): Zoning changed to PVC Approved 5-0