Petition Z-17

CRP EAH MD, L.L.C., (770) 541-5256, represented by John H. Moore, (770) 429-1499, requests a rezoning from R-20 to R-15 for a subdivision.

Property is located West side of Murdock Road, across from Bunker Hill Road (2001 Murdock Road), District 16, Land Lot 746, Parcel 2.

Size of tract is: 8.68 acres

Current zoning:  R-20

Contiguous zoning is:  North: R-20 (Folkstone Subdivision); East: R-20 (Bunker Hill Subdivision; South: R-20; West: R-15 (Saddle Ridge Lake Subdivision)

Future Land Use: Low density residential

Case Manager: Trish Steiner/Doug Davis

Planning Commissioner: Christi Trombetti

District Commissioner: JoAnn Birrell

Proposed Use: Subdivision

Staff Comments:

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Staff recommends: Approval 

ECCA recommends:

Approval subject to the stipulation letter dated 3/26/14, site plan, changes agreed to the stipulation letter by the applicant, plus one additional change:

Stipulation 10 – agreed to sod 30 ft. of backyard and pine straw

Stipulation 13- agreed to irrigate the front entrance

Stipulation 17 – 6 foot fence in detention and stone facade on detention walls

Stipulation 20 – no deliveries on Saturday or Sunday

no deliveries before 8:00 AM Monday through Friday

Stipulation 24 – fence to be maintained by HOA and the smooth correct side facing Folkstone

Stipulation 26 – irrigate the detention pond area landscaping and front entrance

Stipulation 29 – must be replanted if disturbed or penetrated

Stipulation 30 – add reversion clause to state curbs, gutters and one house under construction in 24 months

In addition, while ECCA does not have any problem with the 5/15 side setbacks as long as 20’ feet between houses is being maintained, we do have a problem with moving the houses forward without increasing the rear setback, thus increasing the total buildable area of each lot. We believe a compromise would be to increase the rear setback to 45’ (offsetting the  20’ front setback), but granting a variance for the keeping room behind the kitchen for 10’ onto the rear setback. This would also benefit the Folkstone residents who would then have homes on top of their backyard and closer to their homes.

Planning Commission Action: Approval 5-0 subject to stipulation letter dated 3/26/14, site plan and the additional stipulations listed above. 

Board of Commissioners Action: Approved 4-0 subject to stipulation letter dated 4/5/14, site plan and additional stipulations.