Petition Z-22 SLUP-6 – Withdrawn

3700 Roswell Road, LLC, represented by Garvis L. Sams, Jr., (770) 422-7016, of Sams, Larkin, Huff & Balli, LLP requests a rezoning from LRO to O & I and a special land use permit for a self-service storage facility.

Property is located on the south side of Roswell Road, west of Robinson Road (3700 Roswell Road), District 16, Land Lots 967, Parcel 4.

Size of tract is: 1.535 acres

Current zoning: LRO

Contiguous zoning is:  North: O & I; East: O & I; South: RA-5; West: RA-5 (Glenside Subdivision)

Future Land Use: Neighborhood Activity Center

Case Manager: Doug Davis & Trish Steiner

Planning Commissioner: Mike Terry

District Commissioner: Bob Ott

Proposed Use: Self-Service Storage Facility

Staff Comments:

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Staff recommends: Denial 

ECCA recommends: Not Available 

Planning Commission Action (May): Continued

Planning Commission Action (Jun): Continued

Board of Commissioners Action: Not Available