Petition V-110

CB Enterprises, 770-992-2277, represented by Kevin Moore, 770-429-1499, requests to: 1) Waive the side setback from the required 15 feet to 11 feet adjacent to the northern property line; and 2) waive the landscaped screening buffer adjacent to residentially zoned property from the required 20 feet to zero feet adjacent to the southern property line. 

Property located on the east side of Johnson Ferry Road, south of Lassiter Road (2880 Johnson Ferry Road).

Current zoning: NRC

Contiguous zoning is:  North: GC; South: R-30 (Alpine Lake Subdivision) & O & I; West: RA-5 (The Laureate on Lassiter Subdivision); East: NS.

Future Land Use: Neighborhood Activity Center

Case Manager: Trish Steiner

Zoning Appeals and Variances Commissioner is Bryant McDaniel
Reason: Existing Conditions

Staff Comments:

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ECCA position:  No Action

Board of Zoning Appeals and Variances Action: Approved 5-0