Petition Z-5 (March)- Continued until April

Pulte Home Company, LLC, represented by James Balli, 770-422-7016, requests a rezoning from PSC to RM-12 for townhomes.

Located on the southwest corner of Olde Towne Parkway and Olde Towne Lane.

Size of tract: 4.089 Acres

Contiguous zoning is:  North: OS, FST-6 (Hamptons of Olde Towne); South: GC, O & I, NRC; West: CRC; East: GC & PSC.

Future Land Use: Community Activity Center

Planning Commissioner: Mike Terry

District Commissioner: Bob Ott

Case Manager: Jill Flamm 

Reason: Townhomes 

Staff Comments:

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Staff Recommends: Denial

ECCA recommends: Continence or denial

Planning Commission Recommends: Approval 3-1 subject to additional stipulations

Board of Commissioners: Approved 5-0 subject to district commissioner approval of site plan, landscape plan, renderings and stipulation letter dated 3/14/18.