Petition Z-33 (June)

Duncan Land Investments, LLC, represented by Richard Duncan, 678-591-7624, requests a rezoning from R-30 to R-15 for single family homes.

Located on the west side of Wesley Chapel Road, across from Loch Highland Parkway.

Size of tract: 1.93 Acres

Contiguous zoning is:  North: R-30; South: R-30; West: R-30; East: R-20.

Future Land Use: Low Density Residential

Planning Commissioner: Judy Williams

District Commissioner: JoAnn Birrell

Case Manager: Trish Steiner

Reason: Subdivision 

Staff Comments:

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Staff Recommends: Denial

ECCA recommends: Delete to R-20, 3 lots, all previous stipulations from Z-27, 2013 to remain in effect with a 12 month reversion clause.

Planning Commission Recommends: Tie vote. Passed forward to the Board of Commissioners without a recommendation.

Board of Commissioners: Approved 3-2 for R-20 subject to stipulation letter from Z-27, 2013, additional stipulations and no reversion clause.