LUP-29 (December) – Withdrawn

Applicant and titleholder of the property is Marilyn Pierce, 770-380-3135, E-mail [email protected].; requests a 12 month Temporary Land Use Permit for one additional car to be parked in the driveway.

Property location and address: Northeast corner of Lassiter Road and manor House drive (3905 Manor house Drive)

Size of tract: 0.597 acres

Contiguous zoning is: North R-20; East R-20; South R-20; and, West R-20.

Current Zoning:      R-20

Future Land Use Designation: LDR (Low density residential

Planning Commissioner:   Andy Smith

District Commissioner:     Bob Ott

Case Manager: Richard Grome

Reason:  Additional parking for care givers to elderly mother with Parkinson’s disease and the start of dementia.

Staff Comments: 

            Please click for Preliminary Zoning Analysis

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ECCA recommends:  Denial

Planning Commission recommends:  Not available

Board of Commissioners: Not available