OB 75 (December) – Held until February 2022

Applicant, Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, Inc, represented by J. Kevin Moore, 770-429-1499, requests to modify the Site Plan allowing for construction of the previously approved athletic field and attendant facilities and parking. 

Additional Information

Property is located at 2509 Post Oak Tritt Road. This property is on the northerly side of Post Oak Tritt Road and westerly of Holly Springs Road.

Present Zoning: R-20 

Future Land Use: PI                            

Site acreage: 33.4 acres

Case Manager: Ric Grome

District 3 Commissioner: JoAnn Birrell

Reason: Applicant is requesting a modification to the Site Plan to allow for the relocation of a proposed future field house, relocation of previously approved 82 parking spaces, and the addition of 39 parking spaces for a total of 121 additional parking spaces.

Staff comments: 

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ECCA Recommends: Continue or deny.

Board of Commissioners: Not available