OB 13 (April)

Applicant, Jason and Allison Bunin, represented by Jason Bunin, 516-319-8652, requests to modify the original site plan from 1993 to allow for a rear fence.

Additional Information

Property is located at 4502 Chartley Circle, part of the Edgewater Cove subdivision. This property is on the northerly side of Shallowford Road and McPherson Road and west of Trails End Road.               

Present Zoning: PRD

Future Land Use: LDR                  

Site acreage: .423 acres

Case Manager: Chris Lindstrom

Reason: Applicant purchased this home 2 years ago and has replaced the fence. The owner has now been notified that the fence is within a protected buffer and the pool wall runs through a drainage area. He is requesting permission to keep the new fence within the “undisturbed” buffer as well as keep the 8 ft height along the back line along Trails End Road. The applicant also requests an exception to the pool wall already in place.

Staff comments: 

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ECCA Recommends: No Action

Board of Commissioners: Approved 5-0 subject to staff comments