Petition V – 11 (January)

Janice Fung and John Stockdale, 404-536-3439, represented by Janice Fung, 404-536-3439, request to reduce the setbacks for an accessory use over 650 sq ft (proposed 3,168 sq ft sand volleyball court) from a required 100 ft to zero ft adjacent to the northern property line, 9 ft adjacent to the western property line, and 35 ft adjacent to the eastern property line.

Additional Information:

Property is located at 4142 Lakeshore Way within the Kings Cove subdivision.

Contiguous Zonings:

North: (R-20) – Residence on Lower Roswell Road

South: (R-20) – Kings Cove subdivision

East: (R-20) – Kings Cove subdivision

West: (R-20) – Kings Cove subdivision

ECCA Case Manager: Chris Lindstrom

Size of Tract: 0.47 acre

BZA District 2 Commissioner: Kim Swanson

Reason: The homeowners would like to build a backyard beach/sand volleyball court.

Staff Comments:

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ECCA Recommendation: Denial

Board of Zoning Appeals and Variances: Approved 5-0 with additional stipulations.