OB – 31 (May) – Continued until June

Applicant, Whataburger, representative Erik Houston ([email protected], 770-437-8850), requests approval of a site plan amendment and stipulation amendment to allow for a fast-food restaurant with drive-thru facility.

Additional Information:

The property is located at the southeast intersection of Sandy Plains Road and Shallowford Road (3550 Sandy Plains Road).  Land lots: 386 and 387 of the 16th District.

Present Zoning: CRC

Size of Tract: 1.131 acres

Contiguous Zonings:

North: (GC) – Wells Fargo Bank (opposite corner of intersection)

South: (CRC) – Shopping Center

East: (CRC) – Regions Bank, Target Shopping Center

West: (GC) – First Citizens Bank (opposite corner of intersection)

ECCA Case Manager: Jacquelyn Bettadapur

District 3 Commissioner:  JoAnn Birrell

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Previous zoning records and Board of Commissioners meeting minutes do not indicate the reason for a prohibition on fast food restaurants and drive-thru operations on the property in 1999.

In ECCA’s estimation, given the current conditions and state of development at the intersection of Shallowford Rd and Sandy Plains Rd, a fast-food restaurant with drive-thru should be considered subject to:

  1. ACC review and approval.
  2. Cobb DOT traffic impact analysis with respect to queue formation and ingress/egress to both shopping centers.

ECCA Recommendation: ECCA will not be making a recommendation outside the considerations listed above: (1) ACC review and approval (2) Cobb DOT traffic impact analysis.

BOC Decision: