Petition Z-39 (2010)

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Cindy Cornely, 678-522-4910, representing herself, requests a rezoning from NS to CRC for a Dog Boarding Facility

Located on the northeast intersection of Lower Roswell Toad and Woodlawn Drive,

District 1, Landlot 69, Parcel 9.

Size of Tract is .97 Acres

Current Zoning: NS

Contiguous zoning is:  North: NS; South: GC, West: SC (Woodlawn Gates Subdivision) East: NS;

Future Land Use Map: Community Activity Center

Case Manager:  Marvin Shams

Planning Commissioner:  Mike Terry

District Commissioner: Bob Ott

Proposed Use:  Dog Boarding Facility

ECCA Recommends:  No action subject to the following stipulations:

  • Boarding be limited to dogs only and maximum of 15 dogs under 15 pounds (small dogs)
  • No outdoor runs or kennels
  • Soundproofing installed so animal sounds cannot be heard by the stores in the center.
  • A system will be installed to minimize the odors coming from the premise to the outside of the property and adjacent properties.
  • When the current occupant goes out of business or moves, the property reverts back to NRC
  • The occupant will not expand the footprint of the current building.
  • The occupant will comply with all health department and Cobb County ordinances.

We are also not sure how the 1700 square feet for the building is calculated.  We calculate 1400 square feet of building with a 300 square foot front yard.

Planning Commission Action: Denied 5-0

Board of Commissioners Action (Dec 2010):  Continued

Board of Commissioners Action (Feb 2011): Approved 5-0 subject to:

  • Site Plan
  • If the site is redeveloped the fruit stand will be gone.
  • Dog walk area increased 64 sq. ft.
  • Woodpile is to be cleaned-up
  • Fence painted and maintained
  • Seasonal color planted in front of the fence

All other staff comments.


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Staff Recommends:  Approval subject to additional conditions.