Petition Z-40

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David C. Kirk, 404-855-3415, representing Wal-mart, requests rezoning from PCS & NRC to NRC for a Wal-mart neighborhood market.

Located at the northwest sides of Roswell Road and Old Canton Road, District 16, Landlots 910 & 963, Parcel 7.

Size of tract is: 13.184 acres

Current zoning:  PSC & NRC

Contiguous zoning is:  North: RA-4 (Princeton Corners Subdivision); East: O & I; South: O & I; West: R-20

Future Land Use: Neighborhood Activity Center

Case Manager: Jill Flamm

Planning Commissioner: Christi Trombetti

District Commissioner: JoAnn Birrell

Proposed Use: Neighborhood Market

Staff Comments:

Please click for Preliminary Zoning Analysis

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Staff recommends: Approval

ECCA recommends: Approval subject to the stipulation letter, site plan and renderings dated 11/14/11

Planning Commissioners Action: Approved 4-0

Board of Commissioners Action: Approved 5-0 subject to the stipulation letter, site plan and renderings dated 11/14/11 and all staff comments and recommendations.