OB 22 (May) – Continued until June

Applicant, Robert A Kerr and Rachelle Kerr, represented by J. Kevin Moore of Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, 770-429-1499, requests to purchase a 0.08 acre area directly to the rear of their home.

Property is location at 925 Sunny Meadows Lane. This property is on the northerly side of Sunny Meadows Lane.

Petition V-53 (June)

Applicant, Craig Marbach, 678-886-3195, represented by Reaves Newsom, 770-820-1597, requests to: 1) reduce the front setback from 35′ to 29′ (existing) and 2) allow an accessory use (proposed pool, hot tub, and deck) to be located to the side of the principal building.

Property is located at 2890 Lassiter Manor Drive. This is located at the southern terminus of Lassiter Manor Drive, south of Lassiter Road, and backs up to Madison Hall subdivision.

Petition OSC -1 (June) – continued until July

Applicant, Green Community Development, LLC, 404-457-3300 represented by Christopher N. Hunts, 770-457-3300, requests the rezoning of property from R-20 to R-20 OSC (13,000 sq ft lots) for a subdivision.

Property is located at 2077 and 2079 Kinridge Court. This is located on the east side of Kinridge Court, south of Sandy Plains Road. Current title holders are Charles I. Claussen and Alla V. Claussen. Contiguous Zonings: R-20 (North/West/South); R-15 (East).

OB 13 (April)

Applicant, Jason and Allison Bunin, represented by Jason Bunin, 516-319-8652, requests to modify the original site plan from 1993 to allow for a rear fence.

Property is located at 4502 Chartley Circle, part of the Edgewater Cove subdivision. This property is on the northerly side of Shallowford Road and McPherson Road and west of Trails End Road.

OB 11 (April)

Applicant, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, represented by Garland Watkins, 804-840-1992, requests to build a 3-bay oil change facility. The current title owners are Ruth McLaughlin of Alpharetta, Georgia, and Bascom Biggers III of Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Property is location at 4249 Roswell NE. This property is on the northwest corner of Roswell Road NE and Johnson Ferry Road.

Petition V-32 (April)

Applicant, Michael Bruce, 678-435-4355, requests to reduce the rear setback from required 35 ft to 30 ft.

Property is located at 5222 Huntingford Terrace. This is located on the western terminus of Huntingford Terrace, west of Huntingford Drive (Willow Point Subdivision).

Petition Z-25 (May)

Applicant, Healey Weatherholtz Properties, represented by Garvis L. Sams, Jr., 770-422-7016, requests to change the zoning from CF, R-80 to NRC.

The property is located at 37 Johnson Ferry Road and 255 Village Parkway. Property is located on the west side of Johnson Ferry Road and on the north side of Paper Mill Road.

Petition V-23 (March) – Continued until May

Applicant, Larry Manning, 770-653-4344, represented by Parks F. Huff, 770-422-7016, requests to: 1) reduce the rear setback from required 35 ft to 9 ft, and 2) reduce the setbacks from 100 ft to 1 ft adjacent to the eastern property line and to 7 ft adjacent to the rear property line.

Property is located at 1090 Fairfield Drive. This is located on the north side of Fairfield Drive, east of Fielding Way.

Petition V-20 (February)

Applicant, Breckenridge Homeowners of East Cobb, 340-227-6072, represented by Clifford Goodman, 340-227-6072, requests to reduce the setback for a neighborhood amenity structure (640 sq ft pavilion) from required 100 ft to 12 ft adjacent to the northern property line.

Property is located at 4662 Freeman Road. This is located on the northwest side of Freeman Road, east of Interlaken Drive. The current title owner is Breckenridge Homeowners of East Cobb, Inc.

Petition V-12 (February)

Applicant, Stacey and Leslie Levine, 770-331-8060, requests to change rear setback from required 35 ft to 10 ft and reduce the side setback for an accessory structure under 650 sq ft (proposed 320 sq ft) from required 10 ft to 5 ft adjacent to northern property.   

Property is located at 4881 Hampton Lake Drive. This is located on the northeast corner of Spring View Court and Hampton Lake Drive. Current title owner is Stacey Aaron Levine and Leslie Levine.