Petition OB 56 (October)

Applicant, Stein Investment Group, 678-904-9611, represented by Garvis Sams of Sams, Larkin and Huff, LLP, 770-422-7016, requests the redevelopment of an existing parking lot for a fast-food/casual restaurant.  The current title owner is Sig Gordy Commercial, LLC, Managed by Jeffrey l. Stein of Atlanta, Georgia.

Property is located at the northwest intersection of Shallowford and Gordy Parkway. Land lots: 335 and 386. 

Petition V – 102 (September)

Applicant, Brandon Moss, 678-850-6433, represented by Richard W Calhoun, 770-422-1776, requests to reduce the rear setback for an accessory structure under 650 sq ft (proposed 480 sq foot garage) from required 35 ft to 6 ft.

Property is located at 101 Dickerson Road. This property is at the eastern terminus of Dickerson Road.

Petition V – 86 (September)

Applicant, Aqua Design Pools & Spas, represented by Kayla Frady, 770-517-1117, requests to: 1) Reduce the major side setback from the required 20 feet to 18 feet (existing); 2) reduce the side setback for deck and pool decking from a required 5 feet to 2 feet adjacent to the western property line; and 3) increase the maximum allowable impervious coverage from 35% to 39%. The current title owners are Gregory and April D Tuttle.

Property is located at 2998 Bellehurst Drive. This property is on the southwest corner of Murdock Road and Bellehurst Drive, across from Bunker Hill Road.

Petition Z-67 (October)

Applicant, S&B Investments, Inc., 404-933-3694, represented by Garvis L. Sams, 770-422-7016, requests to change the current zoning from CF and R-80 to NRC as well as expand the current Starbucks as a coffee shop and café. Current Title Holder is S&B Investments, Inc.
The property is located at 31 Johnson Ferry Road. The property is located on the north side of Paper Mill Road.

OB-34 (July)

Applicant, Mt. Bethel Christians Academy, Inc., represented by J. Kevin Moore of Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, 770-429-1499, requests to extend the approval to allow for continued use of the temporary classroom buildings on the North Campus. The current title owner is Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, Inc.

Property is located at 2509 Post Oak Tritt Road. The property is on the northerly side of Post Oak Tritt Road, and westerly of Holly Springs Road.

OB 29 (June)

Applicant, North American Properties, represented by Mike Lant, 404-946-0948, requests to change the original site plan to add jewel box buildings in parking field (retail/restaurant proposed). The current title holder is CP Venture 5 – AEC, LLC.

Property consists of a retail and restaurant center known as “Avenue of East Cobb” and located at 4475 Roswell Road.

OB 28 (June)

Applicant, East Cobb Senior Living, LLC, 404-822-1030, represented by Parks F. Huff of Sams, Larkin & Huff, LLP, 770-422-7016, requests to add an additional six (6) units (two (2) cottages with three (3) units per cottage). The current title owner is East Cobb Senior Living, LLC.

The property is located at 4220 Lower Roswell Road and known as Sterling Estates.  

Petition V-53 (June)

Applicant, Craig Marbach, 678-886-3195, represented by Reaves Newsom, 770-820-1597, requests to: 1) reduce the front setback from 35′ to 29′ (existing) and 2) allow an accessory use (proposed pool, hot tub, and deck) to be located to the side of the principal building.

Property is located at 2890 Lassiter Manor Drive. This is located at the southern terminus of Lassiter Manor Drive, south of Lassiter Road, and backs up to Madison Hall subdivision.