Petition LUP-7, 2009

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Congregation Etz Chaim, 770/973-0137, represented by Parks F. Huff, Sams, Larkin & Huff, LLP, 770/422-7016 requests a land use permit for a day care center.

Located on the south side of Roswell Road and on the north side of Fairfield Drive, east of Indian Hills Parkway; (1190 Indian Hills Pkwy) District 16, Land Lot 969, Parcel 3.
Size of tract is 5.9315 acres
Current zoning: R-20
Contiguous zoning is: North: O & I; East: R-15 (Indian Hills subdivision); South: RM-8 (Indian Hills subdivision); West R-20 (Church).
Current land use is Public Institutional.
Case manager is Jill Flamm
Planning Commissioner is Mike Terry
District Commissioner is Bob Ott
Proposed use: Expanding Day Care Program subject to the following stipulations in letter dated 2/24/09:
  1. Preschool program will continue to serve children from the ages of 12 months through 5 years of age.
  2. The program will be limited to no more than 100 children.
  3. There isn’t anticipated to be any additional signage for the daycare program. Any signage for the preschool program will comply with the county sign ordinance.
  4. The school will maintain a drop-off and pick-up schedule and plan that ensure that there is free flowing ingress and egress to the synagogue and no traffic backing up onto adjacent roadways. Carpool lines will continue to be lined up around the back of the synagogue, well away from any county streets.
  5. The preschool program will continue to be operated solely from the Education Wing of the main building located at 1190 Indian Hills Parkway.
  6. The Temporary Land Use Permit will only be in place for 12 Months.
  7. Minor modifications to the conditions may be approved by the District Commissioner.
Staff Comments:
Please click for Final Zoning Analysis
Staff recommends APPROVAL for 12 months, subject to:.
  • Site plan received by the Zoning Division on December 31, 2008, with the District Commissioner approving minor changes;
  • Fire Department comments; and
  • DOT comments and recommendations
It is Staff’s opinion that the applicant’s proposal will permit a use that is suitable in view of the use and development of adjacent and nearby properties. The area contains a mixture of residential uses, a public school, another religious facility and some commercially zoned property. The applicant has the required infrastructure relating to parking and drop-off/pick-up facilities. The applicant is already running the Pre-K program for the members of the congregation, and the proposal would add an insignificant number of non-member children to the program. The property has been used for an institutional use for many years prior to this request.
ECCA position: No Action
Planning Commission Action:  Approved 5-0
Board of Commissioners Action (unoffical): Approved 5-0 subject to staff recommendations and the stipulation letter from the applicant dated 2/24/09.