Petition LUP-5, 2009

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 Ademir Nascemento, 770-973-7133, representing himself, requests to be allowed to have more than two unrelated people to occupy a dwelling unit.
Property is located on the westerly side of Forest Ridge Drive, south of Oakland Drive (748 Forest Ridge Drive); 17th District, Land Lots 717, 718, 723 and 724, Parcel 90.
Size of tract is 0.50 acres
Current zoning: R-15
Contiguous zoning is: North: R-15 (Sun Valley Estates); East: RA-5 (Sun Valley Estates);   South: R-15 (Sun Valley Estates); West: R-15 (I-75, City of Marietta apartments).
Current land use is Low Density Residential.
Case manager is Abby Shiffman
Planning Commissioner is Mike Terry
District Commissioner is Bob Ott
Previous zonings or variances:
LUP-14, May 2008
Requested a Land Use Permit to permit more than two unrelated people to occupy a dwelling unit. Withdrawn without prejudice.
Proposed use: More than two unrelated people to occupy a dwelling unit.
Staff Comments:
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Staff recommends  DENIAL.  The applicant’s proposal is located deep within a platted subdivision, mostly surrounded by single-family houses. The applicant’s request is located in an area designated as Low Density Residential on the Cobb County Comprehensive Plan. The R-15 zoning district is primarily intended for single-family residential uses. The proposal could intensify over time, and could encourage additional requests in this residential subdivision. Lastly, the applicant’s proposal could be disruptive and destabilizing to the surrounding residential properties.
ECCA position: OPPOSE, this is an unsuitable use in a residential district.
Planning Commission Recommendation: DENIED by 5-0 vote
  • Requested Code Enforcement to ask that the maximum fine of $1000 be levied when the case is heard in Magistrate Court on Feb. 19th
  • Asked Community Development to see if all building codes are being adhered to. 
  • Tenants are to vacate property in 15 days.
Board of Commissioners Action: Not available yet