Petition V-10, 2009

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 East Cobb Building Partnership, 770-753-9800, represented by Scott W. Peters, 404-681-3450, requests:
  1. Waive the rear setback from the required 30 feet to 19 feet (existing);
  2. Waive the floor area ratio from a maximum of 0.25 to 0.36;
  3. Waive the number of parking spaces from the required 60 spaces to 36;
  4. Waive the design standards for parking spaces to allow a depth of 16.5 feet from the required 19 feet; and
  5. Waive the setback for a sign from the centerline of a major collector road from 52 feet to 30 feet.
Property is located on the southeasterly intersection of Roswell Road and Robinson Road (2156 Roswell Road); 16th District, Land Lot 1029, Parcel 22.
Size of tract is 0.885 acres or 38,550 s.f.
Present zoning is GC (minimum 20,000 s.f. lots)
Contiguous zoning is: North: CRC, GC; East: NS; South: NS; West: GC.
Land use category: Community Activity Center (CAC)
Case manager is Abby Shiffman
BZA board member is Kim Swanson
Reason: Please see attached variance explanation letter.
Staff Comments: 
ECCA position:  OPPOSE, for the purpose of presenting comments. 
Applicant should be notified that no further variances will be entertained by the BZA. The site is “maxed-out” and no enlargement of the building or more intensive use will be allowed.
  • Rear yard setback has been cut in half
  • Parking space depth reduced by 12%
  • Number of parking spaces reduced by 40%
  • F.A.R. exceeded by 44%
We know of no other tract that has this number and severity of variances. Were it not for the planned improvements to Roswell Road we would strongly oppose these variances.
Maximum impervious surface % allowed: 70% (26,985 s.f.)
Maximum impervious surface % planned: Unknown
BZA Action: Approved, subject to stipulation letter.