Petition V-9, 2009

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 Debra Lynn Pruett, 770-442-8410, representing herself, requests:
  1. Waive the side setback for the principal structure from the required 10 feet to 8 feet (existing); and
  2. Waive the side setback for an accessory structure over 144 square feet from the required 10 feet to 5 feet adjacent to the southern property line, and the rear setback from the required 35 feet to 8 feet on lot 4.
Property is located on the west side of Bedell Road, east of Alabama Drive (4895 Bedell Road, Bernham Woods subdivision); 16th District, Land Lot 38, Parcel 22.
Size of tract is 0.458 acres or 19,950 s.f.
Present zoning is R-20 (20,000 s.f. lots)
Contiguous zoning is:
North: R-20 (Bernham Woods subdivision);
East:  R-20 (Bernham Woods subdivision);
South:  R-20 (Bernham Woods subdivision);
West:: R-20 (Bernham Woods subdivision).
Land use category: Low Density Residential (LDR)
Case manager is Tanya Roberts
BZA board member is Christi Trombetti
Reason: When purchased, my property had an existing 12’ x 32’ concrete pad, with a 12’ x 22’ storage shed already constructed. Over time, the supports of the existing shed became termite damaged. Because it would not change the existing footprint or require additional foundation, I began repairs and to extend the roof over the existing pad. Without the variance, I will not be able to complete the 120 square foot extension of my storage shed..
Staff Comments: 
ECCA position:  No action. The adjacent neighbors have no problem with the variance request.  The footprint of the property will not increase, applicant merely wants to extend the roof to cover an existing concrete pad.
Maximum impervious surface % allowed: 35% (6,985 s.f.)
Maximum impervious surface % planned: Unknown
BZA Action APPROVED, with stipulations:
  • Approval for this structure only
  • Exterior finish to be complementary to house
  • No business or living use or improvements
  • Only for storage and personal use
  • All staff comments and recommendations