Petition V-25, 2009

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E. Jason Stone .770-973-8222, representing himself, requests the following:
A waiver of the 10′ right of way for additional parking in addition to:
1) Waive the parking stall depth from the required 19’ to 18.5’; and
2) Waive the width of the drive isle from the required 24’ to 23’;

Property is located on the south side of Lower Roswell Road, east of Woodlawn Drive (4720 Lower Roswell); 1st District, Land Lot 69, Parcel 29.

Size of tract is 0.45 acres

Current zoning: NS

Contiguous zoning is:  North: NS/GC (Stonewall Village SC, Longhorn Steaks); East: GC (Your Extra Attic Storage) South: GC (Your Extra Attic storage, Suburban Rental); West GC (Suburban Tool Rental).

Current land use is Community Activity Center (CAC).

Case manager is Marvin Shams
Planning Commissioner is Kim Swanson
District Commissioner is Bob Ott

Reason:  Additional Patient Parking

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ECCA position:  Oppose-Parking in front of building too intense. Second variance request in four months

Board of Zoning Appeals Action:  Approve 5-0 subject to the following stipulations: 1) Existing parking will come up to code; 2) Parking will not go into the tree zone marked by railroad tie; 3) If trees die they will be replaced; 4) plan dated 3/24/09.