Petition V-29, 2009

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MRW Properties, LLC. 770-218-3055, represented by Mary Lanning, 770-218-3055, requests the following:
1) Waive the front setback on Tact A from 75’ to 72’;
2) Waive the rear setback on Tract A from 40’ to 31’; and
3) Waive the front setback on Tract B from 75 feet to 30 feet.

Property is located on the north side of Shallowford Toad, west of Shallowford Industrial Parkway (1135 Shallowford Road); 16th District, Land Lots 158 & 203, Parcel 6.

Size of tract is 6.77 acres

Current zoning: HI

Contiguous zoning is:  North :HI (Shallowford Rd Industrial Park);  East: HI (Shallowford Rd Industrial Park); South: HI;  West: HI.

Current land use is HI.

Case manager is Tanya Roberts
Planning Commissioner is Christi Trombetti
District Commissioner is Tim Lee

Reason:  1) Current front setback not in compliance; and 2) if property is subdivided into two pieces, front and rear setback variances for the two properties will be needed.

Staff Comments:

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ECCA position:  No Action

Board of Zoning Appeals Action:  Approved 5-0.