Petition V-75

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Imtiaz Ali, 770-419-3344, representing himself, requests:
  1. Waive the lot size from the required 20,000 square feet to 19,602 square feet to allow applicant to apply for rezoning;
  2. Waive the side setback adjacent to the west property line from 10 feet to 3 feet (existing)
  3. Waive the setback for an accessory structure (existing 320 square foot shed) over 144 square feet from 10 feet to 4 feet adjacent to the west property line, and from 35 feet to 27 feet adjacent to the south property line
Property is located on the south side of Brackett Road, east of Canton Road (840 Brackett Road); 16th District, Land Lot 493, Parcel 10.
Size of tract is 0.45 acre.
Present zoning is R-20
Contiguous zoning is: North: NS (Retail); East: R-20 (Shaw subdivision); South: O&I (office/distribution); West R-20 (unplatted developed residential).
Land use category: Low Density Residential
Case manager is Roger Phelps
BZA board member is Christi Trombetti
Reason: I need to apply for this rezoning ordinance in order to rezone from residential to commercial
Staff Comments: 
Please click for Final Variance Analysis
Stormwater Management: If variance is granted to allow rezoning to commercial use, any improvementsto the site must meet all current stormwater management requirements.
ECCA position:  No Action.
BZA Action (unofficial): APPROVE with all staff comments and recommendations. No business to be conducted from this residential site until it is properly zoned as commercial.