Petition V-90

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Atlanta Pools, 770-844-7665, representing by Michael Cochran, 770-844-7665 requests to waive the impervious surface requirement from 35% to 44% for pool.

Property is located on the south side of Vendome Place, north of Monet Drive, (4550 Vendome Place); District 1, Land Lot 29, Parcel 63.

Size of tract is .3558 acres

Current zoning: R-15

Contiguous zoning is:  North: R-15 (Tiffany Place Subdivision); East: R-15 (Tiffany Place subdivision); South: R-15 (Tiffany Place subdivision); West: R-15 (Tiffany Place subdivision)

Future  Land Use: Low Density Residential

Case Manager is Don Farrell

Appeals and Variances Commissioner is Christi Trombetti

Reason:  Pool

Staff Comments:

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 ECCA Position:  

Applicant was supposed to send us a new survey today, but we have not received it.  According to our calculations and Dave Breaden’s, the property currently is at 38.3 % impervious surface without the pool (3.3% over what it allowed by code). The applicant is now planning on removing 200 sq. ft. of driveway and adding 703 sq. ft of pervious pool deck (taking a 40% credit for using this paving system) bringing  the impervious surface calculation down to 39.8% with 41.6% of the property covered by impervious or pervious surfaces. Both numbers are still greater than what is allowed by code.

     We propose that they remove an additional 1.5% of impervious surface    on the property to bring the amount of impervious surface back to the number they originally started with (38.3% impervious surface). This would allow them to have their pool and the amount of impervious surface would not be greater than what they have currently.

Board of Zoning Appeals and Variances Action: Approve 5-0 subject the total impervious and pervious surfaces not to exceed 40%, stormwater management approval of the final plan and survey and no additional water to leave the property.