Petition Z-30

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Steve B. Wadley, 770-366-5407, represented by Clyde Clem, 770-861-6130, request a rezoning from R-15 w/stipulations to R-15 with stipulations for two homes

Located on the western end of Vendome Place, north of Monet Drive,

District 16, Landlot 29, Parcel 51.

Size of Tract is 2.49 Acres

Current Zoning: R-15 w/stipulations

Contiguous zoning is:  North: R-15 (Chimney Lakes Subdivision); South: R-15 (Tiffany Place Subdivision), West: R-20 (Tiffany Place); East: R-15 (Chimney Lakes Subdivision)

Future Land Use Map: Low Density Residential

Case Manager:  Roger Phelps

Planning Commissioner:  Christi Trombetti

District Commissioner: Thea Powell

Proposed Use:  Two Homes with a variance


Please click for Preliminary Zoning Analysis

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Staff Recommends: Approval subject to stipulations. 

ECCA Recommends:  No Action

Planning Commission Action: Approval 5-0 subject to staff comments and site plan showing all impervious surfaces to be approved by the District Commissioner and stormwater management prior to the issuance of a LDP or building permit.

Board of Commissioners Action (Oct): Hold for 30 days for site plan

Board of Commissioners Action (Nov): Approve 5-0 subject to increasing buffer on lot 2 to 60 sq. ft. on the northern and western side, staff comments and planning commission comments.