OB 2

To consider amending the site plan for variance application V-91 of 2014 (Julie’s Plaza, LLC) for property located on the east side of East Cobb Drive, north of Johnson Ferry Road in Land Lot 902 of the 16th District.

The subject property was approved for a zoning variance in order to renovate the existing office building during the October 1, 2014 Variance Hearing. One of the variance stipulations approved the request to the site plan that was revised September 18, 2014, which had one full access driveway and one right-out only drive. The applicant has worked with the adjoining neighbor to have another full access shared driveway at

the southern entrance. The applicant needs to amend the site plan in order to have this second full access driveway. If approved, all other variance stipulations will remain in effect.

Case Manager: Trish Steiner

Zoning Appeals and Variances Commissioner is Kim Swanson
Reason: Share driveway with the vet next door.

Staff Comments:

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ECCA position:  No Action

Board of Zoning Appeals and Variances Action: Approved  5-0