Other Business 2015

OB #56 – December

Quik Trip Corporation seeks to modify the stipulation letter of Z-73, in August of 2015 to delete the stipulations requiring: 1) The installation of speedbumps on the subject property and; 2) connection of the detention pond drainage pipe to nearby headwall.

OBI #37 – September

Chris Sockwell of Lost Forrest HOA requests to change the layout of the amenity area to add two tennis court viewing areas in the Lost Forrest subdivision at 4110 Tritt Homestead Drive.

OB 2

To consider amending the site plan for variance application V-91 of 2014 (Julie’s Plaza, LLC) for property located on the east side of East Cobb Drive, north of Johnson Ferry Road in Land Lot 902 of the 16th District.

OB #11 – March

Kevin Casbier, seeks to modify the site plan from Z-77, 2014 to increase the square footage of the building and move the building out of the flood plain for a Dunkin Donuts.

Property is located on southeast intersection of Trickum Road and Shallowford Road (2378 Shallowford Road) .

OB #35 – 2014 Withdrawn at March BOC meeting

To consider amending the stipulations for the North Atlanta Soccer Association regarding Special Land Use Permit application LUP-3 of 1990 (Metro North Youth Soccer Association, Inc.), for property located on the north side of Paper Mill Road, west of Johnson Ferry Road in Land Lots 5, 6, 73 of the 1st District.