Petition V-18 – Held until February

Parviz Abedi, 404-376-5601, represented by Busch, Reed, & Jones, P.C.,770-424-1934, requests to: 1) waive the maximum allowable impervious surface from 35% to 41.08%; and 2) waive the rear setback for an accessory structure under 650 square feet (approximately 375 square foot pool house) from the required 35 feet to 20 feet.

Located on the west side of Johnson Ferry Road, south of Oak Lane (2247 Johnson Ferry Road).

Size of tract is 0.96 acres

Current zoning: R-20

Contiguous zoning is:  North: R-30; South: R-30; West: R-20 (Cedar Hill Estates Subdivision); East: R-15/OSC (Blackwell Park Subdivision).

Future Land Use: Low Density Residential

Case Manager: Doug Davis

Zoning Appeals and Variances Commissioner is Dee Gay
Reason: Pool

Staff Comments:

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ECCA position:  Hold if new site plan not available prior to meeting. Deny if imperious surface does not conform to the Cobb County Code.

Board of Zoning Appeals and Variances Action (Jan): Hold 4-1 until February Meeting

Board of Zoning Appeals and Variances Action (Feb): Approved 5-0 subject to site plan and additional stipulations