Variances – Past, 2016

Petition V-91

Thomas S. Rogers, 404-457-7349, represented by Stephanie A. Ives, 678-428-2166, requests to waive the side setback from the required 10 feet to one (1) foot adjacent to the northern property line.

Located on the western side of Dickerson Road, south of Lower Roswell Road (275 Dickerson Road).

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Petition V-87

Carol Smith, 404-862-9352, requests to: 1) Allow an accessory structure approximately 576 square foot garage) to the side of the principal building; and 2) allow parking on a surface that is not treated and hardened with concrete, asphalt, tar and gravel mix, or the like.

Located on the east side of Little Willeo Road at the eastern terminus of Odins Way (1658 Little Willeo Road).

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Petition V-85

Immanuel Korean United Methodist Church, 770-575-1136, represented by Yong Chul Shin, 404-395-657 requests to: 1) Allow primary access to a church from a local street rather than an arterial or major collector roadway; and 2) allow an accessory structure (proposed dumpster) to be to the front of the primary structure.

Located on the intersection of Old Canton Road and Big Sky Drive (180 Blue Sky Drive).

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