Petition SLUP-7 (August)

SZS Holdings LLC, represented by Obaid Malik, 404/903-1482, requests to extend the existing parking lot to expand the existing used car lot. 

Property is located 2069 Roswell Road (west side of Roswell Road, south of Summit Village Drive)

Present Zoning: GC (General Commercial)

Future Land Use: CAC (Community Activity Center)

Case Manager: Richard Grome

Planning Commissioner: Judy Williams

District Commissioner: Joann Birrell

Reason: Enlarge portion of used car lot

Staff Comments: 

        Please click for Preliminary Zoning Analysis

        Please click for Final Zoning Analysis

ECCA recommends:  Approval subject to new landscape plan and all staff comments.

Planning Commission recommends:  Approved 5-0

Board of Commissioners:  Approved 5-0 subject to new landscape plan and staff comments.