Petition V-66 (August)

Total Imaging Inc., represented by Pulkit Patel, 770-536-7906, request to 1) Reduce the minor side setback from the required 10 feet to five (5′) feet adjacent to the western property line (existing); 2) increase the maximum allowable impervious surface from 70% to 95% (existing); 3) reduce the required 200 feet of public road frontage on one road for an electronic sign to 156 feet; and 4) increase the maximum size for an electronic messaging portion of a sign from 32 square feet per allowable sign area to 35.36 square feet.

Property is located on the northwest corner of Barnes Mill Road and Roswell Road, south of Lecroy Drive (2243 Roswell Road).

Present Zoning: GC (General Commercial)

Future Land Use: CAC (Community Activity Center)

Case Manager: Kelly Ryan

BZA Commissioner: Judy Williams

Reason: Add electronic messaging to existing sign

Staff Comments: 

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ECCA recommends:  Approval of variances 1 & 2. Denial of variances 3 & 4

Board of Appeals and Variances Commissioners:  Approved 5-0 subject to DOT comments.