Petition V-100 (November)

Applicant Tatiana Quintero), 678-830-7847, representing Title Holders Tatiana Quintero and Freddy Mora Calvo, requests that they be allowed to:

1) Reduce the front setback from the required 40 feet to 15 feet (existing);

2) reduce the rear setback from the required 35 feet to 14 feet (existing);

3) allow parking and/or maneuvering of vehicles on a non-hardened and treated surface; and,

4) reduce the setbacks for an accessory structure over 650 square feet (approximately 1,020 square foot one story frame building) from the required 100 feet to zero feet adjacent to the south property line, to 79 feet adjacent to the east property line, and to 65 feet adjacent to the north property line.

Property is 0.67 acres and is located at 2873 Robinson Road, on the north side of Robinson Road, LAND LOT(S): 1033, 1034; east of Scottish Mill Run. (PRINCETON MILL SUBDIVISION)

Present Zoning:  R-20

Future Land Use:    LDR

Case Manager: Kelly Ryan

BZA Commissioner: Bryant McDaniel

Reason: Clean-up of existing set-back variances and; allow vehicle parking and maneuvering on a non-hardened surface, and allow the addition of an out-building with reduced set-backs.

Staff Comments: 

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ECCA recommends:  Approval subject to additional stipulations

Board of Zoning Appeals and Variances: Approved 5-0 subject to the installation of a concrete driveway apron and no living in the shed unless a LUP is applied for.