Petition Z-31 (June) continued until October

Applicant, Pulte Home Company, 678-336-7296, represented by James A. Balli, 678-336-7296J requests the rezoning of property from R-20 to R-15, OSC, RA-5. 

Property is located at 3801 Ebenezer Road. This is located on the west side of Ebenezer Road, north of the intersection of Ebenezer Road and Blackwell Road.

Present Zoning: R-20.

Proposed Zoning: R-15 OSC, RA-5

Future Land Use: LDR; Site acreage: 49.67 acres

ECCA Case Manager: Chris Lindstrom

District 3 Planning Commissioner: Deborah Dance

District 3 Board of Commissioners: JoAnn Birrell

Reason: Applicant would like to build 74 R-15 homes, and 38 RA-5 homes for a total of 112 homes

Staff comments: 

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ECCA Recommends (PC): Approval of Stipulation Letter and Site Plan of 09/15/21 with additional stipulations. 

ECCA Recommends (BOC): Approval of Stipulation Letter and Site Plan of 10/12/21 with additional stipulations.

Planning Commission Recommends: Approved 3-2 for R-15 OSC subject to Stipulation Letter and site plan dated 07/28/2021, additional stipulations and all staff comments.

Board of Commissioners: Approved 5-0 for R-15 subject to stipulation letter and site plan dated 10/13/21 and additional stipulations.

Minutes from BOC meeting