Zonings – Past, 2021

Petition Z-31 (June) continued until October

Applicant, Pulte Home Company, 678-336-7296, represented by James A. Balli, 678-336-7296J requests the rezoning of property from R-20 to R-15, OSC, RA-5. 

Property is located at 3801 Ebenezer Road. This is located on the west side of Ebenezer Road, north of the intersection of Ebenezer Road and Blackwell Road.

Petition SLUP-5 (June) continued until July

Applicant, Stein Investment Group, 678-904-9611, represented by Garvis L. Sams, Jr, 770-422-7016. gsams@samslarkinfhuff.com, requests to convert the movie theater to a self-serve storage facility and build another climate-controlled self-service storage facility.

Property is located at 2925 Gordy Parkway and Shallowford Road. It is located on the west side of Gordy Parkway, on the north side of Shallowford Road. Site acreage: 5.81 acres.

Petition Z-26 (May)-Withdrawn in October

Applicant, Orchards Development, LLC, 678-795-0200, represented by J. Kevin Moore, 770-429-1499, requests the rezoning of property from R-20 to RSL. Current title holder is Young Men’s Christian Association of Metropolitan Atlanta. 

Property is located at 2394/2424 Sewell Mill Road. This is located on the southeast side of Sewell Mill Road and the southwest side of East Piedmont Road.

Petition Z-72 (December) – Now held until October, 2021

Applicant, North Point Ministries, 678-892-5683, is represented by J. Kevin Moore, 770-429-1499, jkm@mijs.com,  on behalf of Titleholder Hanna Land Company, Inc.: ‘The True Vine’ Experience Foundation, Inc.; and Sara M. Sweeney. Applicant requests a rezoning to OI (Church and Related Activities), NRC (Retail and Restaurants), and RM-8 (Townhomes).

Property is located on the southerly side of Shallowford Road; westerly side of Johnson Ferry Road; northerly and southerly sides of Waterfront Drive.

ROD #1 (September) held until June, 2021

Atlantic Realty Acquisitions LLC, 404-591-2900, represented by Kevin Moore, 770-429-1499, jkm@mijs.com has requested a Redevelopment Overlay District for the shopping center now known as Sprayberry Crossing.

Property is located on the southeasterly side of Sandy Plains Rd; northerly side of East Piedmont Rd; 2692 Sandy Plains Rd and unnumbered parcels. Size of property is 17.91 acres. Surrounding Zonings are: north-GC and O&I; East – O & I and NRC; south – NS; west – NRC and GC