OB 68 (November)

Applicant, Retail Planning Corporation, 770-956-8383, requests to amend the previously approved Site Plan, and related stipulation agreed to under Z-108 (2000).

Property is located at 4650 Paper Mill Road. This property is east of Gateside Place. The gated development is named “Paper Mill Reserve”.

Present Zoning: NRC

Future Land Use: NAC                         

Site acreage: 0.8562 acres

ECCA Case Manager: Marvin Shams / Chris Lindstrom

District 2 Commissioner: Jerica Richardson

Reason: Applicant is requesting to amend Z-108 (2000) to shut off point of egress/ingress to Retail Planning Corporation due to increase of cut through traffic from the site.              . 

Staff comments: 

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ECCA Recommends: ECCA will not be making a recommendation on this case.

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