Petition V – 102 (September)

Applicant, Brandon Moss, 678-850-6433, represented by Richard W Calhoun, 770-422-1776, requests to reduce the rear setback for an accessory structure under 650 sq ft (proposed 480 sq foot garage) from required 35 ft to 6 ft.

The current title owners are Charles and Alison Carlin.

Additional Information:

Property is located at 101 Dickerson Road. This property is at the eastern terminus of Dickerson Road.

Contiguous Zonings:

North: (R-20) – Kings Cove subdivision and private property;

South: (R-20) – Hidden Valley subdivision;

East: (R-20) – Kings Cove and Boulevard at Woodlawn subdivision;

West: (R-20) – Kings Cove and Lindsay subdivision.

Present Zoning: R-20

Future Land Use: LDR

Site acreage: 1.98 acres

Case Manager: Marvin Shams

BZA Commissioner: Kim Swanson

Reason: Setback variance for garage structure to within 6 ft of southern property line due to shape and geometry of the lot.

Staff comments: 

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ECCA Recommends: No action on petition

BZA Decision: Approved 5-0