Variances – Past, 2022

Petition V-32 (April)

Applicant, Michael Bruce, 678-435-4355, requests to reduce the rear setback from required 35 ft to 30 ft.

Property is located at 5222 Huntingford Terrace. This is located on the western terminus of Huntingford Terrace, west of Huntingford Drive (Willow Point Subdivision).

Petition V-20 (February)

Applicant, Breckenridge Homeowners of East Cobb, 340-227-6072, represented by Clifford Goodman, 340-227-6072, requests to reduce the setback for a neighborhood amenity structure (640 sq ft pavilion) from required 100 ft to 12 ft adjacent to the northern property line.

Property is located at 4662 Freeman Road. This is located on the northwest side of Freeman Road, east of Interlaken Drive. The current title owner is Breckenridge Homeowners of East Cobb, Inc.

Petition V-12 (February)

Applicant, Stacey and Leslie Levine, 770-331-8060, requests to change rear setback from required 35 ft to 10 ft and reduce the side setback for an accessory structure under 650 sq ft (proposed 320 sq ft) from required 10 ft to 5 ft adjacent to northern property.   

Property is located at 4881 Hampton Lake Drive. This is located on the northeast corner of Spring View Court and Hampton Lake Drive. Current title owner is Stacey Aaron Levine and Leslie Levine.

Petition V-3 (January) For Information Only

Applicant, John and Kristine Bobrowski, 916-529-3503, requests to increase the allowable impervious coverage from 35.7% to 39.5%.
Property is located at 2733 Ellery Way. This is located at the northern terminus of Ellery Way, west of Holly Springs Road. Current title owner is John Bobrowski and Kristine Bobrowski.