Petition OB 18 (April)-Continued until May – Withdrawn

Applicant, Johnson Ferry Road, LLC, 404-607-1168, represented by J. Kevin
Moore, 770-429-1499, requests to change the maximum 40% impervious surface
for the RA-5 area to a maximum of 45% referencing the October 19, 2021,
Minutes of Zoning Hearing for Z-72, Cobb County Board of Commissioners, Stipulation 7.
Additional Information:
Contiguous Zonings: North: LRO (Future Church); South: NS and GC (Neighborhood business); East: NRC and O&I (Offices and retail); West: R-20 (Waterfront subdivision). Present Zoning: RA-5. Site acreage: 19.08 acres.
ECCA Case Managers: Ric Grome
District 2 Commissioner: Jerica Richardson
Staff comments:
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ECCA Recommendation: Denial
Board of Commissioners: (Not available)