Other Business 2023

OB 15 (April)

Applicant, Shmuel Wolf, 347-281-2557, representing himself, requests to
grandfather in the current 12-ft road buffer for the current home built in the
1940/50s in order to build a new home on the site.

Property is located at 4253 Lower Roswell Road.

OB – 7 (February)

Applicant, Retail Planning Corporation, 770-956-8383, represented by J. Kevin Moore, 770-429-1499, requests to relocate the ATM for Delta Community Credit Union to another point on the site plan (Exhibit 1).

Property is location at 35 Johnson Ferry Road

OB – 5 (February)

pplicant, Roberto Privitera, 404-574-3662, represented by Brad Renken of Hearthstone Environments, LLC, requests to encroach 8 ft into the 20 ft landscape easement located on the SW property line.

Property is location at 4588 Divine Court.