Petition V-5 (January)

Applicant, Robert Howard, 678-427-3416, representing himself, requests to 1) Allow an accessory structure (existing approximately 40 square foot shed) to the side of the principal building; 2) reduce the side setback for an accessory structure under 144 square feet (existing approximately 40 square foot shed) from required five (5′) feet to zero feet; and 3) allow an accessory structure (proposed approximately 72 square foot gazebo) to the front of the principal building.

Additional Information:

Located at the east side of Butlers Gate, south of Chestnut Lake Drive. (744 Butlers Gate). Size of tract: .81 acres. Current zoning is R-15. Subdivision is Hampton Woods.

Reason: Existing shed and Gazebo

ECCA Case Manager: Ben Alper

District 2 BZA Commissioner: Kim Swanson

Staff Comments:

Please click for BZA preliminary analysis

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ECCA Recommendation: No action on existing shed, denial of gazebo

Board of Zoning Appeals and Variances: Approved 5-0