Petition V-31, 2009

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David DeMaio. 770-591-4408, representing himself, requests to waive the design standards to allow parking on an unpaved lot.

Property is located on the east side of Canton Road, south of Kensington Drive (Kensington Drive Extension); 16th District, Land Lots 299 & 300, Parcel 43.

Size of tract is .68 acres

Current zoning: NS

Contiguous zoning is:  North: LRC (Canton Promenade II);  East: LRC (All Tournament Players Park); South: NS (Kids R Kids);  West: NS.

Current land use is NS.

Case manager is Robert Morgan
Planning Commissioner is Christi Trombetti
District Commissioner is Tim Lee

Reason:  Utilize as overflow parking for All Tournament Players Park/Canton Promenade II.  Keep as green space when not in use.

Staff Comments:

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ECCA position:  No Action, Support Staff Comments

Board of Zoning Appeals Action:  Approved 5-0.