Petition V-33

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William B. Barbee.770-386-8738, representing himself, requests to:

1) Waive the lot size from 20,000 s.f. to 15,542 s.f. and

2) Waive the side setback form 25’ to 17’ adjacent to the southern property line.

Property is located on the northeast intersection of Hamby Road and Hazelwood Drive (15 Hamby Road); 16th District, Land Lot 1243, Parcel 19.

Size of tract is 0.356 acres

Current zoning: GC

Contiguous zoning is:  North: GC (Hamby Acres subdivision); East: GC (Hamby Acres subdivision); South: GC (Hamby Acres subdivision); West : GC (Powers Mill Hills subdivision).

Current land use is Low density residential.

Case manager is Roger Phelps
Zoning Appeals Commissioner is Kim Swanson
District Commissioner is Bob Ott

Reason:  Office

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ECCA position:  No Action subject to the stipulation that the property be brought up to commercial standards

Board of Zoning Appeals Action:  Approved 5-0 subject to the property being brought up to commercial standards.

Board of Commissioners Action: Approved 5-0